So you want to know a bit about me? Well if you want to put a label on me you can call me a Freelance Graphic Designer.

You can throw Fine Artist and Crafter on there too.

Where my experience lies:

I graduated from The Art Institute of Charlotte in 2004 with my A.A.S. in Graphic Design and have worked and fiddled around in the industry ever since. I went back to school and graduated with my BA from the same institute in 2008. And to make matters worse I went ahead and received my MFA from Full Sail University in 2010.

I am here to help you resolve design projects both big and small. Need some advice? Shoot me an email. Need a logo? No problem. Brochure? Business Card? Poster? Illustration? I can do that.

As you can see- I'm no WEB design buff. That's because I'm a GRAPHIC designer. I graduated with THAT degree. I'm slowly learning my way around programming and coding so don't get all pouty on me. However- you need a web button, icon, or avatar? I can do that. Easy Peasey.

You want to see my resume? Well you can go here and view it on Google docs.


Did I mention I was crafty?

Feel free to stop by my Etsy shop that I run with my mother for all things crafty!  Yankee Burrow Creations