21 March 2012

Doodle Therapy

I haven't committed to a super-serious post lately due to: a) laziness b) writer's bloc c) anxiety

You choose.

I'm a fine artist at heart, and I have not drawn or painted anything in forever and a day which makes me sad. So. So. Sad.

I love graphic design and illustrating on the computer. But I'm seriously developing some major carpal tunnel which is my body's alarm telling me I need a break.

I've been doodling a lot lately, and today I have found myself drawing organic things using almost all circles and arcs. It's been fun and interesting to see how these little critters I've made turn out using only circular elements.

I challenge you to doodle using one specific graphic element: circle, square, rectangle... drawing organic things using the abstract shapes will surely come out more dynamic than my simple circles.

Maybe I will return to my doodles and make a series depicting each critter with different shapes.

Equipped with my circles stencil here are a few doodles I've made:

You may recognize this diva from my Silk Screen debacle.

It's a cloud! It's a tree! No! It's a sheep ready for shearing.

These lovebirds are still under construction.

Back to the grind to clean up my doodles.... I need to re-stock my art supplies. I have one pencil left. My paints are stocked but no papers. I think these critters are asking to be made in marker.

Show me your stuff! I want to see what you have made! Leave a link in the comments....

****Disclaimer**** I hate to be a stickler, but these are my drawings and are my intellectual property. Because they have been published within this medium they are copyrighted and you may not sell them. I am flattered if you deem my doodles worthy to copy- which you can privately, but do not pass them off as your own. Give credit to where credit is due. Always conduct yourself in a dignified manner, because if you don't believe in God's Judgement Day, you best believe in Karma because she is a total bitch and doesn't wait around for that Judgement Day to come.

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  1. ohhhh, I see some new listings in your future...I have tons of frames in the studio.