26 November 2012

SAHM with Cabin Fever

I've been living the high life of a Stay At Home Mom for the past five weeks, you know- sleeping in, watching TV, cruising the internet, shopping with imaginary money...

for all you SAHM you can start laughing now :)

I went from being a mom of one to a mom of three in a month and I've been working on myself trying to keep up! Being a SAHM is no small feat, especially for this woman who feels its necessary to work outside the home. I can't help but feel I need to go work. I know I'm working enough here. But I would love more to work outside the home and hire a maid.

I've stopped working retail because:

A) I couldn't have the open availability that they wanted anymore, and if you don't give it to them you are punished with next to no hours.

2) It was way too stressful

Thirdly) It was way too stressful

I'm keeping my options open and looking for work, but staying the creative route and searching high and low for design positions. I will probably be at retirement age before anyone decides to hire me. So in the meantime I will make-do on my own because I do not need to be validated by somebody making 100K a year saying "oh yes you are a good designer you can work for me". I know my strengths and my weaknesses and for petes sake I'm a loyal employee- I've stayed at Wallyworld for almost two years for only God knows why. So its cool. I know I'm overqualified for this country town.

I've come up with something neat to share with you all: a 25 Days of Design Christmas. Every day I will post a little how-to in making a design-related craft for Christmas gifts. It's meant to be cost-effective, so try to use as much as you have on-hand and around the house.

Graphic Design is one of those all-inclusive mediums where almost anything constitutes as "graphic design", i.e. posters, apparel, stickers, cards, photos, buttons, magnets, the possibilities are endless.

So stay tuned!

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