16 August 2011

Inspiration Pick-Me-Up

I'm trying to muster up the motivation in moving this train along, but lately I've been lacking the proper inspiration. Let's face it- without inspiration from other creatives the excitement of actually being creative is just sucked right out of you. Oh and I'm not talking about the whole "well just look outside at the wonder and beauty of Nature and just let the Inspiration overwhelm your senses!"


That's not it.

I'm all for the great outdoors... I love nature, I'm turning into quite the grassroots-back-to-basics-farming-the-land-tree-hugger. But when it comes to artistic and creative inspiration I wholly depend on other creatives to show me their chops and what they are made of, that sort of thing gets my RPM's revving high and I'm ready to go!

I'm working on a small project right now for a co-worker fixing a family photo. I was moving right along  when I ran into a dead end. I guess my brain decided it needed a break, but I feel drained, I need some creative pick-me-ups! So let's mosey on over to iStockphoto to see what's brewing in the heads of other creatives...

(I found iStockphoto during my younger college days when it was real cheap... the prices are higher, however the quality of the content by their contributors has increased significantly).

This is where I need to be.

This photo is just plain awesome.

Now don't follow my lead on this next photo, I took it at a photography gallery in Charlotte, NC- The Lightbox Factory in Spirit Square... I promptly forgot who the author was- he/she is an amateur- the photos themselves were good, wasn't really digging the theme, however! The matting and framing of the collection was beautiful! I had to take a picture to remember it always...

This is a wall outside of Spirit Square...

So tell me, what gets your creative juices flowing?


  1. hmmmmm, I'm kinda on the dry side myself, lol.
    So today I got out Nana's sketches and pastels and just colored a little ballerina cartoon. Not my creations, but it felt good...till kids started whining for food. sheesh, lol

  2. I love to look at a lot of photography that other bloggers are doing. I like to see everyone else's perspectives and techniques, that always makes me want to try it out as well :)


  3. i agree, going out and seeing artwork in galleries or museums, gets me going....but also, putting on some music that i'm in love with (led zeppelin, coldplay) and just sitting down and focusing (without anyone else in the room) gets my juices flowing!