24 August 2011

My Personal Design Profile

So I just purchased my own domain name with Blogger! I'm so excited that I have my very own personal URL... one step closer to total web domination!

Not exactly, but I am working hard on my web design skills, so hopefully sometime in the very near future this site will be totally redesigned by me.

In the meantime I would like to introduce you to my personal design style:

I am a designer with seven years immersed in the design industry; six of those years spent in higher education while also working and freelancing in the graphic arts. Acclaimed by instructors and employers for having a discerning eye and learning new methods quickly. I am in a constant state of perpetual creativity by exploring and learning through cyberspace and text.

My personal design style reflects minimalism, however I love to explore new techniques in texture and layering, pushing my creative limits to the next level. My Illustrator skills outweigh my Photoshop skills which is evident by the numerous vector graphics I have created over the years.

Here are some samples of my vector illustrations:

I'm working very hard at putting my full portfolio up here, so please be patient, with work and family it is hard to carve out time to learn new things. But I'm excited for these new opportunities to stretch my design muscles!

Here's a question for any web designers, or anyone who knows HTML: what is the code for a downloadable link? Or how do I make one?

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  1. what exactly are you looking for? and how do I get this domain thing for our shop?