11 September 2011

What a Lazy Day

As apparent by my prolonged absence, I went on "vacation". Over Labor Day weekend I left my son with my mom and hubby and I went on a road trip back to my hometown in Western New York (Buffalo area, not the City). I find it amusing that the people of Western New York call it "Western New York" whereas everyone else in the nation calls that area Upstate New York. And to us- Upstate New York is the Albany area- not Buffalo. ;) Since we were seeing family it didn't feel like a real vacation, just a nice getaway. And boy did I eat. Oh how I miss Buffalo food. REAL pizza. REAL wings. REAL sub sandwiches. I was in heaven. And I ate a lot! If the economy was different and I had a choice in careers I would move back. In the meantime it seems I will have to suffer through 10-12 hour car rides for my piece of culinary heaven. Now that I'm back its time to get in gear. I've been painstakingly chipping away at my portfolio updating it and making it internet-ready. I still haven't mastered enough CSS or HTML to get an image slideshow on my site so I put my portfolio (what I have of it so far) on Carbon Made, a neat portfolio site that is free (my favorite type). In the meantime why don't you drop a comment and tell me what you think? Anyone have any design questions? Opinions? Let me know!

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  1. hey! i finally have a computer (mark brought his home from work), so i'm taking advantage and going to look at your site now! looks great so far!