19 January 2012

Oh Those January Days...

This month has been a nice wind-down since December and the Christmas holiday, but I still can't seem to catch up at home.

I'll admit this week has been exceptionally stressful and the Crohn's has not exactly behaved itself, but it could be worse! Oh a whole lot worse, so I'm staying positive and looking on the bright side!

Between working at Wallyworld and having a home and family to keep up with, I've been working tirelessly trying to update my online presence so I can muster up some freelance work. As you may have noticed in my last blog that I have changed portfolio sites and put up a full website "of my own" through Moonfruit. It's pretty exciting and nice, Moonfruit is awesome for those who understand the basics of web design but like me still lack complete knowledge in coding. I understand coding for the most part, but I really need to devote more time into learning it everyday.


Oh subject change!

I'm really excited for the HOW Design conference coming up! I really wish I had the money to attend the whole event, but I am content enough to attend the freelance workshops.

Anyone out there going to this conference? Or how about any design and art events going on in your area? Let a girl know! I need to get out of this house and out of Wallyworld!


I wish Blogger was a bit more easier in changing the design.... oi.



  1. I'm also excited to attend the HOW Design Conference because I'm an aspiring web designer. I'm currently learning the concept of dallas SEO and I think it's getting more interesting.

  2. I'm still trying to remember what SEO stands for! :) Good luck and thanks for commenting!