29 January 2012

Pressing the Re-start Button with a Re-brand

Two years ago my mother and I started an online craft shop out of desperation to be useful to the world. At the time both of us were stay at home mothers living in different states; it proved to be a challenge but not so much with modern technology and the Internet on our side.

We are both artists in our own right coming from a long line of pack-rat creatives who have a bad track record of finishing things. (Should I be saying this? You think it will be bad for business? Ha! I scoff at the very thought, its no secret that great artists are messy and suck at finishing what they started.)

My mother went ahead and started the shop through Etsy.com and used the name Our Home To Yours. I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the name but what was done was done and as a designer I needed to make the best of it. Honestly, I hit a designer’s version of writer’s bloc coming up with a logo and brand for our little shop. I wasn’t satisfied with anything, however the show must go on! And it did with a feminine, girly design that in my opinion reflected the style of an elderly woman’s bedroom.

After I hastily put together a brand identity I put our little company’s design focus on the back burner. I tried to concentrate on creating items to sell but always thought about that damn name and brand identity. In the truest form I did not create a “brand identity”, I just chose a typeface, color, and illustrative style to associate with the shop. Here I am, a graduate with a Masters in Fine Arts and I was totally bombing on my own company’s design.

So, whoever you are and wherever you may be: have you now found yourself between a rock and a hard place when it comes to the design of your company? Well its time for change! And we are going to accomplish it together!

This is the beginning of a design journey, a re-brand of Our Home To Yours. I will go through the “steps” from beginning to end of how the process should look. From research to development and final deliverables I hope you find the inspiration you need- and I hope I find it too!

Upper left: original logo work. Bottom right: attempts at re-branding. #fail


  1. We could always change the name for the webpage. And I like the old lady bedroom look. hahahaha

  2. no, we cannot just change the name of the webpage. It would be different, not consistent with the company's image and branding.