10 February 2012

First Things First...

Our Home To Yours Re-brand Series

First Things First…

Planning is a must when starting a business and in every step of the way after launching. From Mission statements, Values statements, Visions, Briefs, etc. etc. it is important from the get go to KNOW who you are and WHY you are doing it.

I’m trying to kill two birds with one stone, not only with revamping Our Home To Yours but also with my own freelance business. It’s a lot for one person to undertake so the next Very Important Thing to know is Collaboration. Even if you don’t have a team per se (I’m flying solo with my freelance for now) you still need outside feedback and HELP. Enlist the feedback from friends and family or get on some forums online, no matter how you get it- get some feedback on your ideas. No good author is complete without his or her editor; this is true for just about EVERYTHING in life.

During this process I’m following two books (amongst others, but these I’ve read in its entirety)

The Brand Gap by Marty Neumeier

Designing Brand Identity by Alina Wheeler

Both are very informative and a quick read, I highly recommend them.

I’ve already worked through Mission statements and briefs for both OHTY and Ah! Designs, here is a little jump start for you (from The Brand Gap)

Write down:

1)   Who are you?
2)   What do you do?
3)   Why does it matter?

According to Mr. Neumeier: “unless you have compelling answers to all three questions, meaning that customers find them irresistible, you haven’t got a brand.” (Brand Gap 2006)

In this age of entrepreneurship you cannot have too much focus! Focus is the key- if your answers to the above questions aren’t exciting or dynamic you need to re-focus your business. Your category may be too broad, narrow it down, focus on the strengths the company possesses, be specialized! If you cannot be Number One in your business category (or even Number Two) then you need to change categories. Unless you want to be Number Three, or Four, or Ten and have to charge much less for your services even though the quality is just as good.

Keep these thoughts in mind and PLAN! Good planners (and PLANTERS) reap the benefits of the future. Taking the time to plan the business is better than jumping right in. Think about jumping in a pool with a shirt on, when you hit the water the shirt always rides up, and we don’t want to lose our shirts, correct?

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