16 February 2012

Cleaning Day

I'm still working on the Our Home To Yours Re-brand, its all a working progress, however methinks I will keep those posts for one specific day a week. Tuesday I think is the lucky day.

Today is reserved for cleaning, I have a guest tonight. Now I'm not the *neatest* of people, my house is an organized mess (thats how I see it anyway). One of my favorite shows is Clean House, but since we chucked cable out the door I have resorted to watching reruns on Netflix. I watched everything and now I've moved on to Hoarders.

Holy Cow.

I've come to the conclusion that I have hoarding tendencies and that does not make me happy!

For instance in my bookshelf there is a Microsoft Office 2000 guide.

For real??

Why do I have that?

Also there is a biology book and physics book... I'll admit I held on to the physics book because it makes me feel smart.

I also have clear glass ornaments from umpteen years ago that I was going to decorate but never got around to doing. Now what? Damn!

And there are bedsheets for a twin size bed that we don't have anymore.


I feel so dirty!

The good thing is that I don't live in a garbage heap. No bugs in my house! *shudder*

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I was browsing the blogs here and spanish-speaking ones kept popping up... which is ok in the end because even if I don't know a lick of Spanish I do know crazy cool art when I see it! Go check this out!

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