27 February 2012

Three Days Off

A miracle in the making.

I have three days off *in a row*. This is unheard of in retail life.

I do have some stuff to write about that pertains to the "graphic design community" (in my huge half-assed effort to be useful) but first a rant:

I am not built for a retail career. I'm a believer that there is a job for everyone. Some are meant to be Dentists others Teachers and even Environmental Specialists (or whatever they are calling garbagemen these days...) This wonderful job I have in the Photo Center at a certain retail Giant is great for paying my bills and I am grateful for it. Because I do like my job more than being homeless. However! It seems that consumers have forgotten their role in Shopping.

Consumers everywhere listen! It is your job to research items that you possibly want to purchase! I am not You and You are not Me and My Likes are different than Your Likes and if you still reside in the Dark Ages and do not understand how a digital camera works or your own SMARTPHONE then I do not want to talk to you! Because I'm stuck with a rinky dink wannabe Smartphone and I know more on how to use your iPhone than you have common sense!

You want to buy a new television? Good for you! Now go online and do some research. Read up on the difference between LCD, LED, and Plasma. Read up on what size t.v. will *fit* in your living room, which will include actually measuring the dimensions of your living room space. Because I have no idea. Telling me your living rooms is "from here to there" doesn't tell me diddly squat.

And do not ask me a question if you do not wish to hear my answer! This includes interrupting me and trying to correct me- which doesn't work because you obviously have not done your research so you actually have no idea about the product or your problem.

Consumers think that retail associates have no clue and don't care. As a matter of fact *this retail associate right here* has THREE college degrees (Associates, Bachelors, and Masters) so please don't assume I don't know anything and don't care. The fact is that consumers don't care anymore to think for themselves. And that is a fact I am ready to defend to my grave.


Ok I'm done.

Hoefler and Frere-Jones tweeted this article which started my bad mood. This should be offensive to not only Graphic Designers, but Web Designers as well! I understand Web Designers work on a different plane than their Graphic counterparts with all that coding and programming and live to see their sites streamlined and working the way that they should. But we as humans live for visual stimulation whether its textual or artistic. Our brains love easily comprehensible things so it doesn't have to work so hard. But adding aesthetically pleasing elements to make our brains want more makes the world go round and gives our living meaning.

We no longer live in an age of hunting and gathering. Our bodies and brains have gotten used to the stale everyday sitting on an office chair to make a living scenario. And if there is no longer reason to go outside and work the land (even though I think everyone should have a backyard garden) then before we die in our office chairs lets at least be looking at something pretty.

You agree?

I need a vacation.

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  1. oh, he's just a idoit with a bloated idea of his self worth.