02 May 2013

The Power of Penmanship

As I sit here as of late, I have been pondering the lost art of penmanship. I have a nephew on the way and while doodling his name in my book (because its so unique and beautiful) I thought, "Why gosh, kids nowadays aren't even learning cursive writing anymore in school. Such a shame."

Well thats if your child is in public school.

The Government should be ashamed of itself.


Writing is the most basic form of communication, and cursive writing is the angelic flourish of humanity turned civilized.

Its evolved over the years and through culture changes, but still we shouldn't forget to teach our children sophistication and showmanship of intelligence.

I envy the calligraphers who are able to eek out a living reminding society how beautiful proper communication looks and feels.

I love to write.

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